• I'm Eighteen!

  • she/her

  • Questioning 🤔


Hello! My name is Sophia but I just go by Sophie. Call me whatever tho, whatever will do. My bday is May 22, hence my username.

I'm planning to study veterinary medicine at CSU in Colorado. If not, i'll study animal sciences to work in agriculture. If all else fails, i'll just be a tattoo artist. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

I don't really identify as anything. I'm a bit of a furry. Nothing too extreme, all I do is draw them, no fursuits. Other than that, I'm just an average teen.

I'm an ambivert who suffers from adhd (no, i'm not self diagnosed lol). I'm shy at first but once we converse I don't shut up.

Interests :))

Here's some stuff Im into:
highlighted interests are things im really geeking out on!

Drawing, sewing, singing jazz (alone), CSS, painting, digital art.

Joji, Tyler the creator, Queen, Jakob Ogawa, Tame Impala, Anderson .Paak, Cuco, Steam Powered Giraffe(I really like SPG), Elton John, Crumb, some Eminem and Kanye West.

TV/Movies/Musical Theatre:
The Office, Bojack Horseman, Community, Its Always Sunny, Parks and Rec, Santa Clarita Diet, Rocketman, The Package, anything Marvel, and Cats (the stage show).

80/90's VHS, classy Jungle/Jaguars, some Y2K nostalgia, classy sunflower, rustic chic western.

Age of Empires 2, Minecraft, Tetris, Sims 3, Sims 4.

H3H3, MeatCanyon, Conan remotes, Danny Gonzalez, Boffy, Trisha Paytas, Kitboga, Xploshi, Martin Walls, Unnus Annus RIP.

I'm pretty chill with everyone so this list will be kinda short.



  • "philes" EX: zoos, pedos+MAPs, necros.

  • Anti-BLM, racists, supremecists.

Keep In Mind...

I know the stigma that furries carry. I am fine with jokes about furries, I will even joke with you. HOWEVER, (and I speak for other non-zoo furries out there) please do not accuse me of being a zoophile. That shit nasty bro

  • I sometimes don't message back immediately.

  • I don't give out socials easily.

  • I'm not looking to date anyone online. If you ask to be my boy/girlfriend, I get uncomfy.

  • There are times I become overly inactive, despite being regularly active. I have a life. :)

  • NSFW/Raunchy humor makes me uncomfortable.

Furry stuffs

because i dont get to talk about it often

My fursona, kehlani <3. Im out of elements on this website :( so i'll just leave this pic. I'll prob add more info later.